Thursday, January 29, 2015

28 Days of Funny February BLOGS

Since the month of February is only 28 days, I thought this would be a great time to do something I have never done before on my BLOG.  And that thing is to write a BLOG every day next month.  To be honest, I don't have 28 different topics to write about (I do have quite a few in Draft mode that I can definitely expand on), but I have an even better idea!!!

I have a sense of humor and am not shy about writing what's on my mind.  I want to be better than TMZ, Perez Hilton, the late great Joan Rivers, and the National Enquirer.   Nothing will be made up and I won't spread rumors.  Well, the only rumors will be about me and how awesome my writing is!!! So with that being written, you can probably assume what I will be writing about!!

I will share my thoughts on funny headlines, stories, or what's trending on Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo.  I will also comment on funny stories from (the San Antonio Express News).

Today, my wife tagged me in a Facebook article to read...Christian Poincheval Invents Pill That Makes Farts Smell Like Chocolate.  So, my big question is how many farts did he have to smell before he got the chocolate scent?  Actually, I don't want to know...that is disgusting.  Howard Stern had a guest on his show a long time ago (he may still make appearances today) that could tell you what you ate from your farts.  Again, gross!!  

Yesterday as I writing this, some chick name Brandi Glanville was the Number 1 trender on Yahoo and I have no clue who she is.  Is she related to former major league baseball Doug Glanville?  Let me look...hang, I was totally wrong. She is one of the reality stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Never watched that show nor am I planning on starting.  But, I would watch if it was called the The Real Housewives of Canyon Lake featuring my wife!!!

And, if something funny happened to me during any particular day, I will tell you.  For example, on Wednesday at work, I had a very embarrassing moment in the bathroom...when I was washing my hands, I noticed I had a huge wet spot on my rear end.  Make your own assumptions?  I am confident that there was water or something else on the floor and my pants got some when I dropped them to the floor.

That is what you will get for 28 consecutive days and I am really looking forward to each one as each will be written from scratch and I want to take less than an hour per BLOG.  I am pretty sure I can do it and dude, if I do, I will have to reward myself with some thing extravagant like a chocolate shake or I know, Mexican food from El Mirador...I haven't had that in a long time and I really miss it.  I was planning on getting breakfast there on December 28th but I was really sick and didn't want to be anywhere with other people.

Oh, in addition, their will be a High School Football BLOG about national signing day coming up sometime next week.  And, you will see other BLOGS...heck, I just like to write.

How can I forget, tomorrow I will be at South San High School for a High School Football game (crap, I meant a High School Basketball game) between the South San Bobcats and the East Central Hornets.  I am going to watch Mike Considine from San Antonio South Side Sports do his thing (he is a professional writer meaning he gets paid) and I will do my thing which is taking a lot of photographs and writing a BLOG (for free) about it.

Sunday, I will be at a Glass Blowing demonstration and will for sure take photographs and have a BLOG about it.  This demonstration is from 3pm to 6pm and that means, I  am going to miss the Superbowl and I will be perfectly OK with that.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Woodstock Poster and Ticket with autographs

I was born in 1977 so I am pretty sure that I didn't attend Woodstock in 1969 (unless I was a reincarnated hippie).  But, if I was of age and somehow got my hands on a ticket, I kinda think this is how my memory of that weekend would've been written in my non-existent New York Times number 1 seller:

Everywhere I looked, I saw people of all ages...holy crap, some of them were naked and I really liked that.  Gosh, the girls...oh baby the girls!!!  Big girls, small girls, and everything in between.  I couldn't help but  stare at there bodies.  I have seen lots of naked girls, but this was heaven for me!!!I was getting turned not only by the public nudity, but also the drugs (I couldn't even tell you what I inhaled and injected).  All I knew of was the euphoric high was so definitely worth it.   The icing on the cake (man, I would love to put some cake on the girl in front of me...she was smoking and smoking hot) was the music and what better music than some of my favorite bands...The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Who, Santana, The Band, and the best band ever Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young.  The vocals of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young really made me cry...not with sadness, but in amazement.

Man, I had fun writing that...I actually thought of that little blurb while I was work today.   I just think it is awesome that so many great bands played at Woodstock.  I wish I knew somebody who attended just so I can pick there brains!!

Although I didn't attend Woodstock, I do own a piece of Woodstock memorabilia.

I will NEVER sell anything that is autographed or valuable in my collection although I am very curious to know how much some items may be worth.  I am very skeptical about sending anything I own to an authenticity expert.  Rather, I tend to do my own research.

While I was working for the San Antonio Express News from 2003 to 2007, a co-worker of mine named Xavier Ramirez, gave me a 9 x 12 Woodstock poster with an unused ticket and the autographs of John Roberts and Joel Rosenman.  Xavier got it from Goodwill.

John and Joel are two of the founders of Woodstock.  Another founder is Michael Lang.  Now, I had no clue if the autographs were real or fake but knew since it had some value because of the unused ticket.  I had to find out the truth about the signatures.  

To this day, I haven't asked Xavier if he still has his and whether or not his is autographed..cause I know he bought a few of the them.  Well, maybe now, my question will be answered.  That is if Xavier isn't busy at Higher Intention Productions

I reached out to a few professional auction companies and they believed the signatures were indeed authentic.  But, I wanted more proof so I emailed the Woodstock museum and although they couldn't say yes or no, they provided with an email address for Michael Lang.  Yeah, that Michael of the founders of Woodstock.  Dude, he actually responded to me and told me the signatures of John and Joel are authentic and the poster is a reprint.  How awesome it that?  

So, that is the story behind this Woodstock poster, unused ticket, and authentic autographs and I am sticking to it.  No, it isn't for sale!!!   I will be buried with it!!!