Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alamo stadium Renovation Photos

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Alamo stadium for MORE photos of the renovation.  This was my first time using my digital camera at Alamo stadium as I finally got a new battery and charger and hey, it works!!!  YAY!!!  

Joe Montoya, the project manager, was my chaperone.   I met up with him at the construction trailer and after I put on my safety helmet and vest, off we went!!  

With each visit, I am always amazed at the progress!  I want to see and touch everything in my path!!   On our journey, Joe pointed a lot of stuff out to me and I really appreciated that.  

You know something, when everything is completed and I work my first game at Alamo stadium, I will need a moment to reflect on the fact that I got to witness the renovation firsthand!!!  Wow, just writing that gave me goosebumps!!

During that last visit, I didn’t go inside the Convocation Center gymnasium, but I did on August 27th and it was dark, powerless, and there was scaffolding everywhere.  Well, what a difference 2 months make because the Convocation Center gymnasium is almost completed and the grand opening celebration will consist of basketball games in a few weeks!!  

Let me be the first to say that I love the new windows in the gymnasium and dude, the executive offices for Gil Garza, Brian Clancy, and company are very nice and probably larger than their current set-up. 

Alamo stadium still has a lot of work left and should be ready by next summer.  Joe told me that next month, work will begin on the press-box (I can’t wait to take photos of that). 

If you want to use any of the photos below, all I ask is for you to give me credit (photo courtesy of Mark Lieberman at mdlblog.com).  Thanks. 

Alamo stadium

Convocation Center gymnasium

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