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FINAL Alamo Stadium Visit For Renovation Photos

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I will have stats, pics, and stories for every High School football (I am a stat man) game I work this season.  Please follow me on Twitter@mdlblog and also like mdlblog on Facebook for updates throughout the season.

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I still remember last March when my wife and I drove by Alamo stadium...traffic was a nightmare because it was Spring Break and the entire city of San Antonio wanted to be at the zoo.  I just wanted a glimpse of the stadium (I was very curious) and what I saw absolutely amazed me...dude, the press-box was gone!!!  I knew at that moment that I had to come back and get more pictures and I did that 14 times!!!  It even got me on television.  In case you missed that story, you can view it here:

Yesterday, I made my final visit to Alamo stadium for renovation photos.  Mike Considine from came with me.  Mike is a free-lance sports reporter who covers the Southside schools.  I met Mike at a St. Anthony football games last season.  You can follow him on Twitter @SASouthSports for updates throughout the season.

The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for next Saturday and I will be there.

The first football game will be August 28th and I won't be there (I will be at the Gucci Bowl for the first CW35 television Thursday Night Lights game). Yeah, I am a bit disappointed, but on the bright side of life, I am planning on having a very special guest blogger (or bloggers) write a blurb about that special night for me!

It will be a very goose-pimply moment and possibly some extra emotion from me when I work these games at Alamo stadium this year: OCT. 9 -- Highlands vs. Sam Houston and  OCT 16 -- McCollum vs. Brackenridge.

There is one other High School football stadium in San Antonio that I would love to get renovation photos of, but I kinda have a feeling that they will tear it down and build a new one or they will build a new one in a new location and slowly demolish the old stadium.  That stadium is Lehnoff stadium in Schertz...home of the Clemens Buffaloes and Steele Knights.  No worries folks as this isn't happening anytime soon.  

I would also love to get photos inside the Houston Astrodome before it is gone.  Hmm, now I am thinking about that!!!  

So, now you may be wondering, how did I get in to Alamo stadium and the gymnasium?  To be honest, I sent an e-mail to the San Antonio Independent School District Athletic staff asking for access! Yep, an e-mail!!  Brian Clancy, one of the Assistant Athletic Directors said yes and that was all it took.  They could've easily said no, but they obviously didn't and I am so grateful to all of them.  

Brian and along with Joe Montoya, the project manager from Joeris General Contractors/Hunt Construction Group were my chaperones although I did go with Joe alone several times.  But, I was very glad that for my final visit, Brian gave Mike and I the grand finale tour.  I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion!!!  Thanks again Brian for everything.

Yeah, I had to don a safety vest and wear a hard hat for each visit except the last and the TV interview.  Man, I felt like a child at a candy store...I went everywhere snapping photographs!! And, most of my visits it was SUPER HOT but I didn't mind.  Something new was always happening with each visit. I even got a small piece of turf during one of my visits.

For a list of all my BLOG articles for the Alamo stadium/Alamo Convocation Center renovation, please visit:

I have said this many many times, but I am so damn lucky that I got to photograph this historic renovation and it was my pleasure to share it with you.  

Alamo stadium is on the National Register of Historic Places (it was built by the Works Progress Administration and opened in 1940).  It is also one of three stadiums in the Texas Football Stadium Hall of Fame founded by TexasBob.   TexasBob also has a comprehensive list of Texas Football Stadiums (which I have used a lot) and an updated Texas Football Stadium Guide - 2014 book and yes, some of my Alamo stadium renovation photos are in it.  

If you want to use any of my photos, all I ask for you to give me credit (photo courtesy of Mark Lieberman from 

For the complete 8/8/14 renovation photo album, it can be viewed on my Facebook page:

Here are a few of the photos:

Coming up tomorrow and all next week will be ALAMO STADIUM SLIDESHOWS...old photos, new press-box photos, and new locker room photos.

On Thursday and Friday, I will publish BLOGS about how I got started as a TV and RADIO statistician.

Saturday, I will tell you how I manage 3 jobs!!

Dude, on Sunday, I will have a BLOG with lots of pictures for the Alamo stadium ribbon cutting.

I got more HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL BLOGS...on August 19th and August 21st, I will share my thoughts on the Thursday Night Lights and the Converse Judson Rockets schedule.

Lastly, on Wednesday August 27th, I will tell you about a weekly thing I am going to do!!!  What will it be?  

8/28 - Clark vs. Churchill (Comalander Stadium) --- KMYS.TV/TNL (CW35)

8/29 - Judson vs Pflugerville Hendrickson (Pflugerville Stadium) ---TSRNSPORTS.COM 

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